Holistic consulting for more mixed leadership

Target group:

Management, HR and diversity managers. Is it your company's goal to sustainably increase the proportion of women in management?
Regardless of whether the aim is to meet a legal requirement or a voluntary commitment, we can help you with our Gender Check and provide you with customized measures for your company.

Benefits and goals:

Mixed leadership, diversity and gender equality add value to your company and provide strategic advantages in the competition for the most talented individuals. Numerous studies show that a higher proportion of women in management is associated with better corporate results. Mixed-gender teams are also more effective at meeting the demands of New Work. Many companies have therefore set themselves the goal of increasing the proportion of women in management. Nevertheless, such corporate initiatives often do not yield the desired outcome.

Drawing on the latest research, we pursue a holistic consulting approach that focuses on corporate processes, frameworks and culture.

In our Gender Check, we analyze key processes and corporate structures for gender fairness. We identify levers and fields of action, evaluate their potential for optimization, and not only derive quick wins but also medium- and long-term measures. This allows for a  customized and sustainable promotion of mixed leadership. Prejudices and unconscious bias are identified and their effects reduced through targeted behavioral design.

Starting points and methods: the Gender Check

The procedure comprises several stages:

  1. The Gender Fact Check: systematically collecting artifacts related to women & careers along the HR value chain using prepared checklists. Possible areas of analysis include personnel marketing, recruitment, personnel development, career development, leadership and work (time) models, career/life balance.
  2. The Gender Culture Check: conducting semi-structured interviews with relevant stakeholders to capture significant barriers in the company's culture (values, norms, biases, etc.) followed by developing hypotheses.
  3. Identifying areas requiring action and determining recommendations accordingly. Depending on the maturity of the organization, the proposed measures are applied at different stages.
  4. Assisting with the implementation of the customized plan of action.

Do the Gender Check with us and unleash your Mixed Leadership potential! We will develop a customised plan of action together with you.

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