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We highly recommend FLD for their exceptional workshops empowering women in academia. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges in this field, they create an inclusive environment and provide essential skills, garnering overwhelmingly positive participant feedback. Thanks to FLD our programs for PostDocs and for international researchers and scientists have received exceptional praise and participants navigate the complexities of the academic world more effectively. We look forward to continuing our collaboration as FLD demonstrates expertise and commitment to advancing women in science.

Dr. Isabel Fraas

Gender Consulting | Personalentwicklung für Wissenschaftlerinnen
Büro der Universitätsfrauenbeauftragten - Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg

As co-founder and member of our company network AGWN (AGCO Global Women Network), it was a particular concern of mine to get a competent and reliable training partner for our German-speaking locations for topics such as "Working Mom & Dad" or "Assertive, instead of always nice".
With Fe:male Leaderhip Development we have found this partner. The FLD team as well as the feedback we received on the trainings are convincing and I am sure that the trainings have contributed to strengthening our corporate culture.

Ingrid Bussjaeger-Martin

Vice President Finance & IT FENDT

You feel empowered, you feel enlightened. This sensation should be made accessible to more individuals. I particularly appreciated the blend of professional insight, sharing experiences, and experimentation. Thanks to the trusting atmosphere, with women I already knew, I could open up and exchange freely.

Participants in a women's teamwork workshop

Drees & Sommer

Thank you very much for your inspiring presentation on micropolitics for the women@Bosch network. Your openness and your enthusiasm for the topic were able to captivate the colleagues and provide them with future-oriented impulses.

Sabrina Lutz

SW Project Lead with UX & agile mindset
Robert Bosch GmbH

For us at OFFIS, Gender Equality means the equitable and active involvement of all individuals, irrespective of their gender, in every aspect and in leadership and decision-making roles. FLD has played a pivotal role with their deep expertise, supporting us in devising an all-encompassing strategy for enhancing Gender Equality - employing instruments like the Gender Check and assisting us in framing our Gender Equality Plans. Our collaboration with FLD has been instrumental in fostering our company culture with an emphasis on diversity and equal opportunity.

Ann-Kathrin Sobeck-Martens

Personnel Development, Project Manager Stratege "25 in 25"

“I am really excited about your program and its impact! I thank you deeply for this wonderful course and the new insights you brought to us to re-discover our potential and our strengths of ourselves and help us to be stronger!”

Dr. Nevine Nizar Zakaria

Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Würzburg                                                                                                                                                                         Participant in the SCIENTIA International Program

FLD's consultants know their trade. With their expertise in gender equality and their leadership experience, they are valuable sparring partners for us.

Brigitte Steuck

Head of Leadership
BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

I participated in the "Games with Power" training in October 2019 and found the day very rewarding. The training was conducted with a cross-functional group of participants, which provided exciting insights and also showed the challenges of other fields. The two trainers did a great job of keeping the participants engaged with a mix of theory-based instruction and practical group exercises. The most beautiful result for me personally is that our small working group that was randomly put together after the training still exists. We meet for quarterly exchanges on the topic of "Playing with Power" - this has been going on for over a year now.

Kurt Läubli

HRBP, Global Parts & EME Parts & Services at AGCO International GmbH (Switzerland)

Working with FLD is highly professional, uncomplicated and fun. The program "success strategies for women" provides our female students and junior scientists with the perfect tools and boost to kickstart their scientific careers.

If you want to empower women to pursue leadership positions with fun and competence, you have  come to the right place.

Carolin Wegner

Equal Opportunities in Science
Technische Universität Braunschweig  

It is a strategic goal for OFFIS to become an even more attractive employer, especially for female employees, and to encourage them to take on more leadership and management tasks. FLD’s consultants helped us with their gender check to identify the areas in the company that required work and to jointly develop a holistic strategy for more gender equality. FLD also supports us with the implementation in a pragmatical and experienced manner.

Prof. Dr. techn. Susanne Boll-Westermann

Board member at OFFIS e.V.

Thanks to FLD’s support of our Finance is Female program, we have been able to offer several successful and extremely interesting workshops for our female participants. The feedback has been consistently positive, which is why we are always happy to work with FLD. Particular praise was given to having had a speaker with many years of experience in banking who thus is familiar with the industry’s challenges. Due to the excellent presentation of the topics and the simultaneous integration of interesting facts and figures, it is very easy to follow FLD’s talks.

Tanja Groetzner

Head of Human Resources, SEB AB Frankfurt Branch

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