Coaching for women

Personalized support for your career path

Target group:

The Success Coaching for Women is aimed at women who want to address the topic of leadership and examine their professional role. The content and goals of the coaching are tailored to the particular questions and challenges of the coachee.

Benefits and goals:

The goal of the coaching is to achieve a pre-determined goal in about six months. Such a goal could be, for example, to clarify one's professional perspective, improve one's appearance and impact, or examine one's leadership role.

In addition, the classic requirements of leadership roles are addressed: how to handle employees or colleagues who question your role, how to behave as a facilitator when conflicts arise in your team, and how to navigate the tensions between maintaining a close relationship and keeping a professional distance with your employees.

In our role as coaches, we do not see ourselves as consultants, but rather as companions who encourage you to gain new insights and competencies and expand your behavioral repertoire. We do this through spirited interventions and, at times, by asking uncomfortable questions. We follow a systemic approach to coaching, i.e. we work in a resource- and solution-oriented way, whilst taking all relevant system levels into account.

Potential topics:

  • My motives and drivers
  • Making decisions and feeling good about them
  • Dealing with male employees and colleagues
  • Finding a balance between work and family life
  • Remaining authentic when dealing with power
  • Mastering your emotions and inner conflicts
  • Gaining clarity in negotiations
  • Making a good first impression
  • Leadership competence versus field competence
  • Acting with confidence in a male-dominated environment
  • Remaining authentic whilst practicing successful self-marketing

Typical procedure

Coach and coachee get to know each other in a non-committal initial meeting. The coachee presents her concerns. Together, the goals, mode (face-to-face/online) and scope (number and duration of sessions) of the coaching are agreed upon. After that, the coaching process begins.

Methods/ tools used:

Systemic questioning techniques, self-reflection, visualization of systems and patterns, video analysis and feedback.

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