FLD Online Campus

According to brain research, effective learning requires variety! FLD’s online campus provides a comprehensive digital learning platform that improves classic analog learning in terms of content and methodology. The platform makes our content easily accessible by accommodating every type of learner. It also enables asynchronous learning, as participants can study the training content at their own pace.

Frau liegt mit einem Tablet im Gras und loggt sich in den FLD Online Campus ein

FLD‘s online campus offers numerous advantages:

  • It allows for more time for interaction during the synchronous program phases
  • Participants remain engaged with the material
  • Generating curiosity and a desire for further development
  • Additional exchange and support are possible
  • The learning curve becomes longer - the knowledge transfer is secured
  • Each participant can be supported individually

Ways in which the online campus increases and extends the learning curve of the participants: impulses, self-reflection or reinforcement tasks, small reminders, interesting short inputs, videos and quizzes before, after and, if necessary, between the training days.

Participants always have access to the platform – regardless of the regular seminar times.

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