Our cooperation partners

We are working vigorously on our goal of increasing the proportion of women in management and to this end want to contribute to the social discourse. To effectively achieve this goal, we cooperate with a wide range of partners and are part of various networks:

We are pleased to have been able to support the FIT Public Management Study 2021 by Prof. Dr. Ulf Papenfuß and his team at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. Its recently published findings on the representation of women in the top management boards of public companies can be found here.
The study demonstrates that the public sector must set clear goals and take culture-changing measures if anything is to change about the significant underrepresentation of women in management positions.

Zeppelin University

We support the initiative as a "Friend of Chef:innensache" because we are convinced that complex challenges require many perspectives and that everyone therefore benefits from more gender diversity in the boardroom: shareholders, managers, employees and clients.
We look forward to working with members and other Friends of Chef:innensache to engage more companies and decision-makers in advocating for more equal opportunities!


We are involved in various groups of Forum Assessment e.V. and work together with organizations, academics and managers who specialize in topics related to gender fairness in the recruitment process and in personnel development.
The results of our work are regularly presented at the Forum Assessment e.V. congress.


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