Potential analysis & development center

Target group:

Leadership potential analyses for women are aimed at employees who aspire to a leadership position and want to gain clarity about their leadership potential. Development centers are also aimed at women who already have leadership experience.

Benefits and goals:

The main objective of leadership potential analyses is to identify and review one's leadership potential. Another benefit is becoming aware of one's strengths, talents and motives, as well as areas in need of personal development, which provides valuable insights for personal career planning. The group format also provides the opportunity to network with the other participants.

Following the potential analysis, participants receive detailed feedback on their leadership strengths and areas for development.

Development centers are structured similarly, but irrespective of determining leadership potential, they serve to identify strengths and areas for development and promote them in a targeted manner. This is done through feedback from the trainer, videos, self-reflection and peer group discussions. In combination with content-related impulses and training sequences, an expansion of competencies is thereby achieved.


  • Behavioral simulations that serve to identify core competencies and areas in need of development
  • Personality-oriented questionnaires designed to reflect on one's personality and motives. They are also used to compare the self-assessment with the assessment of others
  • Extensive feedback from the trainer, peer group and video analysis

Additional information on development centers:

  • Trainer input on leadership, communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • If desired, the manager will subsequently be involved to discuss a development plan for the individual

Duration: 2 days

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