Laura Heyen
Trainer & Project Assistant
Mommsenstr. 166
50935 Cologne
+49 (0) 221-96 02 45 18
Laura Heyen

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

Mark Twain


  • Trainer at FLD fe:male leadership development GbR
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a thematic focus on Work and Organizational Psychology (University of Mannheim; Reichman University, Israel)
  • Worked at the Chair of Work and Organizational Psychology (University of Mannheim)
  • Facilitated research projects on topics related to Work and Organizational Psychology and Political Psychology (University of Mannheim)
  • Supervised training and consulting projects aimed at promoting Gender Equality
Professional expertise
  • Developed and implemented seminars specifically for women
  • Designed and conducted leadership/team workshops
  • Facilitated mentoring and networking events
  • Designed and implemented interventions for promoting gender equality
  • Participated in research projects on work and organizational psychology topics (workplace health and well-being, authentic leadership; University of Mannheim)
  • Conducted research projects on topics related to political psychology (perception and evaluation of female politicians, political communication of competence and warmth; University of Mannheim)
  • Project assistant at FLD
  • German
  • English