Martina Kohlberger
Mommsenstr. 166
50935 Cologne
Martina Kohlberger

"Whatever you are not changing is what you are choosing."
Laurie Buchanan

  • Research Assistant at the University of Innsbruck: PhD candidate.
  • Over 20 years of experience in International Human Resource Management and Executive Development (mainly for listed industrial companies), including 5-years of working experience while being located in various European countries.
  • University lecturer since 2012.
  • Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Business Consulting.
Professional expertise
  • University lecturer on change management, HR management, organizational development, leadership and personal career development.
  • HR manager responsible for overseeing an extensive, international change project (ownership change to private equity).
  • Conception and implementation of a diversity & inclusion strategy for a division of a listed industrial company (2015 - 2019).
  • Facilitation of a mentoring program for future female executives.
  • Providing coaching and support to executives in challenging professional situations.
  • Constructive cooperation with Works Council bodies in the manufacturing industry (Austria and Germany).
  • Sparring partner for in-house HR teams.
  • German
  • English